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Semesters are based on 5 months of lessons and will require the whole semester participation (September to January and February to June). This ensures that we have enough time to see progress. Voice training can be subtle and slow at times. Without enough consistency, it can leave the student frustrated. To avoid a negative experience with lessons we want to create enough space for safety and growth.


There will be optional lessons during July and August.



There are two options for adult lessons:

  1. Month by Month training (to be paid at the first lesson of each month)

        Discontinuing lessons requires 30 days notice.

   2.Flex Package (the purchase of 5 lessons at a time to be used over a 3-month period). This is a great gift for those with

        unpredictable schedules.


Cancelling a lesson requires a minimum 6-hour notice. Lessons must be cancelled and rescheduled online using our student portal. Any unused credits not scheduled online before the end of the semester will be forfeited.


Make-up lessons are only available if a lesson has been canceled due to illness or family emergency. Scheduling conflicts due to sports, school events, or special family activities may be rescheduled within the same week as the original lesson if the studio is given at least 2 weeks notice and open space exists. Although best efforts will be made to reschedule, rescheduled lessons are not guaranteed and are based on availability. Forgetting to attend a lesson results in forfeiting that lesson.

A maximum of 2 cancellations will be accommodated per semester. More than 2 will result in forfeiture of the lesson.

Please note that I do not offer refunds on lessons. Miraculous Moments Music Studio will guarantee make-up lessons for any cancellations made by the teacher due to illness or personal emergency.



The studio runs normally during the statutory holidays but with an option to reschedule should you be away. Lessons can be cancelled online and you will be issued an extra makeup credit to schedule at your convenience. All days off and makeup days available will be available on the studio calendar in the student portal.


Students are expected to come to their lessons prepared with the following:

  • Notebook for lesson note-taking

  • Music Binder (that stays open easily), music books

  • Pencil (no pens, please)

  • Water bottle (voice students)


Lessons will start and end on time. If the student arrives late, the lesson will still end at the appointed time.

Miraculous Moments Music Studio aims to provide a well-rounded music education. Lessons will include technique, theory, ear and sight training, and practical application through a variety of musical styles.

If a student or parent has any questions or concerns, please bring them up at the beginning of the lesson. Alternatively, you can call or e-mail the studio. This is to ensure that the studio can keep its commitments to other student's lesson times.  If communication is urgent, please call or text me at (403)402-5951.  Otherwise, you can expect a response within a week (or at your next lesson).


Upon arrival please let yourself in and feel free to have a seat in the main floor living room if we are not right there.



As this is a home studio please be mindful of neighbours and park on the opposite side of the street (in front of the pond). Thanks!

Students are expected to practice 5-6 days week for 30 minutes/day. Beginning students will start at 15 minutes/day and increase to 30 minutes as the music gets more challenging. Advanced students will require 45-60 minutes/day.

Miraculous Moments Music Studio aims to provide at least one performing experience per term. Performing opportunities may include music festivals, talent shows, music competitions, coffee house concerts, local events, etc.

We strongly encourage students to work towards performing as it builds confidence and experience and gives a sense of accomplishment in the skills they have gained throughout the term.

Materials (books, etc.) loaned to a student must be returned in good condition. If not, the student will reimburse Miraculous Moments Music Studio for the cost of the book.  


Under 18:

Terms are 5 months and include 20 lessons. Payment is broken into equal monthly payments. You will be e-mailed an invoice on the 1st of every month and charges will be automatically applied to your credit card on file. This will be set up during registration and can be modified in your student portal.

Late payment will result in an additional fee of $25.


60 Minute Lessons:

$200/Month ($1,000/Semester)

                                                                              10% DISCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR FULL SEMESTER PREPAYMENT!

45 Minute Lessons:

$160/Month ($800/Semester)


30 Minute Lessons (under 9 only):

$120/Month ($600/Semester)


Adult Lessons:

Month to Month:

You will be e-mailed an invoice on the 1st of every month and charges will be automatically applied to your credit card on file. This will be set up during registration and can be modified in your student portal. The invoice will be based on how many lessons are in that month.


Late payment will result in an additional fee of $25.


Students are to purchase all necessary materials (music and theory books, downloads, etc. - which amounts to approx. $30/semester) and are responsible for any and all festival, competition, and accompaniment fees.


A registration fee of $75/semester (to be paid by all students) will be charged in September and February; this covers our workshop and recital costs. Registration fees are due regardless of participation in these events and will be non-refundable.    

Follow our studio Facebook page for pictures and updates. If you are happy with your experience, leave us a positive review.



Services are provided in a music studio setting at Imagination Music Studios. The teacher is an AFFILIATE ONLY of Imagination Music Studios and as such he or she will be in direct communication with the students and parents/guardians.

Fees are paid directly to the Teacher.

You assume all risk of injury of harm to the child(ren) or adult(s) associated with participation in the musical activity at Miraculous Moments Music Studio and agree to release, indemnify, defend, and forever discharge Miraculous Moments Music Studio and its staff from all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, and expenses in the unlikely event of an injury sustained by the student or anyone accompanying the student during this musical activity,


I have read and agree to all policies held by Miraculous Moments Music Studios as stated in this document.




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