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My inspiration for my business comes from the flower known as Rhizanthella gardneri, or the "underground orchid." It grows completely underground in Australia. It's a modern mystery and very rare; so rare in fact that its locations remain unpublished. It would take many hours of delicate searching to find one.

This is how I feel about each individual voice. It is a beautiful, rare piece of someone that must be carefully searched for and delicately brought to the surface. I believe finding our voice is not just about singing but discovering and releasing a deep sense of who we are.

My name is Erin and I have walked the scary road of digging deeply within myself to find my voice, oftentimes deeper than I wanted to go. My own experience gives me sensitivity to the process and vulnerability of voice training, along with my technical training. I enjoy working with all age groups and long to help each of my students find their own best, not someone else's. I teach character development (to children), as well as emotional and physical freedom as a part of my lessons. I focus on success as consistency with practice and concepts applied, not grading on a scale. I seek to empower through vocal training, not just to help someone win a competition. I encourage as much performance as possible but do not focus on competitive singing. I want to instill a love for music, creativity, and ourselves. 

If my vision speaks to you, I would love to connect with you about journeying together!  

About Me - Erin Holkestad

I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY by a single mother who I must acknowledge. She sacrificed many hours and even with very limited finances gave me the foundation for the training I have today.

I have been singing and writing music since I could talk. Growing up, I was a part of several choirs, church worship teams, solo performances, and musical theater productions. Even before my teenage years, I was working with other musicians to roughly record music I was writing. I danced, acted, and played piano for a couple of years as well, giving me a much more well rounded musical experience.  I was privileged to be trained as a teenager by Dr. Jerry Exline, who gave me many opportunities to learn and perform both classical and musical theater pieces. I have studied many genres working with different musicians in many different capacities and have an excitement for building well-rounded singers. 

At the age of 17, I moved to Canada in hopes of getting a professional music education I could afford. Although I never planned to stay here, I fell in love with beautiful Alberta (and my husband ) and have worked hard over the last 10 years to obtain my residency.  


I have received a Bachelor of Music degree with a concentration in vocal performance from Prairie College. I also have several years of teaching experience both in studios run by others (School of the Psalmist - Red Deer, AB) and privately. While living in Red Deer, I won their "Red Deer's Got Talent" competition (2010) and came in third place in Calgary at a singing competition with the Korean Women's Association (2014).


I have participated in many festivals and am familiar with training for that process should that be the route my student would like to take.I have assisted in running college level choirs as well as worked with over a dozen different worship teams in churches around Alberta. I am trained in music theory, history, and aural skills, as well as teaching beginner piano skills.I value musicianship among all of my students and require my singers to learn more than just singing.


I enjoy languages and think it's valuable (especially for children) to explore music in other languages so I encourage some classical music but like to leave space for the students genre of choice as well. I have been trained as a child development assistant and worked in a preschool in Calgary, AB for five years creating group music programs. I also have experience working with mildly autistic and emotionally struggling children.  


Currently, I am teaching out of my home studio in Cochrane, AB and continue to enjoy performing, songwriting, and taking workshops/lessons. My background is diverse and I am always pursuing new levels of growth and development personally and professionally. 

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