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  • DoReMi World : This is an excellent choice for those children who enjoy playing games on the ipad or android. It quizzes musical theory and ear training skills. Some games are available for free and some for a low cost ($4.99 US).

  • Free Scales for Warmups : This is a really helpful website if you don't play piano. It has recorded all of the major and minor scales, as well as intervals for ear training. This is a great way to make sure you stay on key during warm-ups.

  • Free Sheet Music : This is a great website to get started with sheet music. It has a good selection of popular pieces. It has options for listening to the piece as well as changing the key.

  • Sheet Music : This is a great website with contemporary sheet music for digital download. Each piece is a little pricier ($5-$6) but can be transposed into other keys on the website which can be really helpful for young or inexperienced singers.

  • Sheet Music : This website has a wide variety of digital sheet music from classical to contemporary. The price ranges from $2-$4. They also offer accompaniment tracks for a large collection of music, also $2-$4.There isn't any transposition available on this website.

  • Sheet Music : This site has a lot of digital sheet music available from both classical and contemporary genres. The general cost is $4 but it does not allow for transposition. There is great choral music available on this site as well.

  • Sheet Music : This site is probably the most comprehensive in terms of available digital downloads and books. It offers a lot of classical and contemporary choices as well as books with CD accompaniment. The prices for digital music range from $2-$5 and the books from $8-$25 plus shipping. It does not offer transposition but does provide an 8% rebate to teachers and rotating sale prices.

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